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So after 64 years... I post something here again... I hope to be accepted <o>


Name: Seth Seeger.
Nickname(s): Seth, "that annoying brat".

Age: 18.
Birthday: December 06th (Sagittarius).

Height: 5'3'' (163cm).

Gender: Demiboy.
Sexual Orientation: Mads Mikkelsen Homosexual.

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Mads Mikkelsen: He does have to admit his sister's tastes are somewhat right, the guy could save humanity with his abs and his older man charm... He was forced to watch every movie with him as well. But his love goes all to Mads Mikkelsen. It is his one true love and one day they will marry. Or just bang. He would not mind a one night stand with Mads Mikkelsen.
Older guys: He has to admit, it is an acquired taste. He also fell hard for Mads Mikkelsen. Hannibal is his favorite series. Not that he would hit every charming old fellow he meets but... Seth is happy he is of legal age now.
Fashion: Something else his sister got him into but now he can say he fully likes it. He wants to make a career as a model as well.
Videogames: His steam account has too many hours for his liking but damn, someone has to water his crops. He enjoys indie games like Stardew Valley and Her Story.

Feeling powerless: Not being able to defend his sister or the people that he likes, not being able to protect what is important to him.
Creeps: He has to defend his sister from them, and also himself, because one time in the subway a man confused him for a woman and tried to run his hand up his butt. Obviously, he was really mad.
Commitment: Seth isn't ready for it. His sister is the romantic one, dreaming of a prince charming to sweep of her feet... He would like some guy, maybe yes, a boyfriend, but getting settled down just now doesn't seem right. He is young, going to college, there are too many parties to attend and many boys to kiss.
Spiders/Snakes/Venom: It is a irrational fear of getting poisoned. He doesn't like small insects either, but at least can kill them. But he is no good with spiders...

Loving | Gentle | Blunt | Proudful | Vain | Shallow

Seth is vain and proud of his appearance, mostly because of the praise he received from his peers and family throughout his life, but he is also very loving towards the people that he deems worthy of it. He dotes on his sister and really loves her, probably what made her spoiled on the first place. They fight a little, as with sibling with similar age, but they get along well. His motto is "Do not accept an evil you can change". What constitutes an evil in his vision, however... He likes to prank people a little bit, specially misplacing his sister's belongings. Just some brotherly loving. He'll say whatever it's on his mind, he is not good with people skills. He'll be blunt and a little bit cheeky even. He'll often call her sister on her bs because that's what brother's do, and only expects her to do the same to him. And hopes one day she'll give up finding the perfect guy and just party out with him.

The Sieger family is as tipical as it gets: a father, a mother and two siblings, an older boy named Seth and a younger girl named Stella. The family originally lived in Seattle. Both of her parents met in a medicine seminary - he's a general practitioner and she's a surgeon - and it was love at first sight. They're happily married, to the endless disgust of their children.
Seth lived his life as normal, had a few friends, a single girlfriend to find out that was not what he liked at all, then two boyfriends which relationships ended poorly. He is out to his family and that was to this day the most scarying day of his life - but their parents accepted, to his most beloved relief. Beyond that, his life is pretty much uneventful as it can be. Now in his senior year, he is in a constant fight with his parents, as they want him to continue education and go to college to be a doctor, but he wants to be a fashion model... That's why he fought the decision to moving to the small city of Northridge. How would be the odds of him being scooted there? Maybe that would be their plans all along... Even though he won't give up his dream. Maybe something was bound to happen in that year in that city...

His favorite color is turquoise.
He speaks spanish and german. He is trying to learn french now as an elective in school.
He hates his sister's hamster. He wanted a pet cat, but because of his sister's protests, they never got one. He resents that...


Rank: Novice.

Total HP: 5HP
Dice: D20

Abilities: N/A

Stamina: This boy can go for hours yo... Be it a photoshoot or running. He does enjoying go running in the mornings to keep his fit body.
Sarcam: Oh boy does he know how to retort.
Common Sense: He has to deal with his daydreamer of a sister, so someone had to have the means to survive in this family.

Coldhearted: He may seem cruel, even. He does mean well to people that he likes.
Physical Weakness: He is not that strong in a physical combat.



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